UPDATE for the adult romance lover.

Inhibitions is now in paperback! ($3.99)


(UPDATE) – Nightmares in the Dark – YA horror series

To everyone who has been supporting my journey:

Many of you have seen me talking about my Nightmares in the Dark series. I am working on perfecting the books that are already out for you all, my amazing readers. You guys & gals provide me with an enormous amount of inspiration to make them better for you.

Today, I have finished reediting book #1, “Bears of Glass.” Originally, it clocked in finished at 17,666 words. Now, it is at 18,983 words. To me, the first book truly feels complete now. Will be starting to work on book #2 soon. The original versions are still currently available, will update you all with when I am going to publish the final versions.

Also, in other news regarding this series, I have embarked on the task of beginning to write book #3, “Plugged.” It is currently at around 600 words, and counting. I will be sure to give updates on this book as well during its progress.

One last thing, while the self-published versions will be out still, I am seeing how they will do if submitted to the hands of an agent. Yes, that’s right, I am going to submit the series for publication.

With that said, send some nightmarish energy this way. (NVM, good wishes work just fine 😄)

-N.A. Shoemaker

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Current Works in Progress:

The Black Flare (novel/word count): 6,754/45,000 words.

The  Everland Heirs (novella/word count): 29,831/40,000

Discovering With Ryla (book#2-children’s/word count): 193/1,000 words.

Bleeding Skies – Comic – Issue #1 (page count): 8/24 pages.

N.A. Shoemaker (quote)

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Full Nightmare revamp

​Thinking of possibly revamping the Nightmares in the Dark series fully and submitting to a publisher. Thoughts and/or advice?

Possible book cover…

Might use this as an eventual book cover.

Designed 8/7/2016

By: N.A. Shoemaker

*WIP updates*

Will still be writing the children’s book: “The Many Adventures of Mason.” However, “The Yard” is being put on hold. Will either be writing the 3rd book to the Nightmares in the Dark series, or writing a new fantasy book! Stay tuned. Also, a new podcast will be out today or tomorrow.

UPDATE “The Many Adventures of Mason”

Almost at 9.5k words. Wooo!

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